Welcome: HealthAcrossBorders makes looking after yourself and your family as easy as making a phone call or sending a message to a friend – it’s just there.

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    Services: HealthAcrossBorders provides a range of services to become your lifelong health partner.

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    HealthAcrossBorders offers you additional but essential products that compliment  your healthy living plan.

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Consult with HAB TeleHealth Professionals who have a wealth of experience and internationally accredited.

Healthy Life

Use the Medical and Media Library resources to make healthy lifestyle choices.


The Live Chat and Emergency Contact makes it possible for you to always have someone you can contact in the case of an emergency.

First Aid

Use the app to collate several aspects of your lifestyle and medical history in one place. This serves as a very useful and secures digital repository for things Iike allergies, vaccinations, medications, prescriptions, etc.

core featuresFeatures You’ll Love!

  1. 1
    Forever Free! Zero cost for Fundamental Health Plan

    We believe everyone should have access to a basic health plan regardless of affordability, geographic location or health status. This will be free for forever.

  2. 2
    A monthly plan that meets your needs and your budget

    We believe it is possible to have a Telehealth  service in your pocket at affordable prices. It’s your Health Insurance plan, right there on your phone

  3. 3
    You’re blessed with good health and you look after yourself

    So you don’t need to subscribe to a monthly plan, however, there might be a time when you need to speak to a health professional. It is best if you already have a zero cost basic plan and then choose a one-off visit.

  4. 4
    Parents, do you worry about your child’s academic attainment?

    There are several reasons why a child might not be reaching their academic potential. You can book an appointment with a professional to find out more and stop worrying with a plan in place.

  5. 5
    You can’t improve what you haven’t measured

    From this site you can find health data monitors and learning assessment profiles. Health data monitors will provide you with early warning signs if your health needs attention. Learning assessments will provide you with a profile of your child’s mental strengths and weaknesses so you can focus on building the weaknesses.