Know Your Health, Know Yourself.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it

HealthAcrossBorders collaborates with individuals and families to manage their health proactively. It starts with the mobile phone you already own

Forever Free! Zero cost for Fundamental Health Plan

We believe everyone should have access to a basic health plan regardless of affordability, geographic location or health status. This will be free for forever.

A monthly plan that meets your needs and your budget

We believe it is possible to have a Telehealth  service in your pocket at affordable prices. It’s your Health Insurance plan, right there on your phone.

You’re blessed with good health and you look after yourself

So you don’t need to subscribe to a monthly plan, however, there might be a time when you need to speak to a health professional. It is best if you already have a zero cost basic plan and then choose a one-off visit.

Parents, do you worry about your child’s academic attainment?

There are several reasons why a child might not be reaching their academic potential. You can book an appointment with a professional to find out more and stop worrying with a plan in place.

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